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Welcome to RankTank’s T20 dashboard

RankTank enables website, blog, profile and app owners to understand and improve their performance in Web and Social search. RankTank is a tool for marketers, developers, investors, journalists, analysts, public sector officials, educators, lawyers, small and large businesses – anyone, in fact -- interested in tracking search engine performance for companies, brands, topics and issues.

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Find your rank-weighted search results performance score

RankTank scores the combined value of all the pages your brand claims in the Top 20 organic search results versus the combined value of all the pages you don't claim. Sign up to use RankTank  here. It’s secure and straightforward, we don’t ask for lots of data. RankTank is a public domain application, there’s no cost or license. You can also use RankTank without registering, via a Captcha form : You’ll be able to download scores from any current session but you won’t be able to retrieve scores from previous sessions. To do that, you have to be logged in.

RankTank is easy to use, and you can export your scores in a CSV. If you’re logged in, your scores will be saved under your account name for future retrieval.

Score the real value of the Top 20 search results you claim

RankTank calculates a weighted rank for organic results. Why? Searchers click through to higher ranked results more than to lower ranked ones -- by a wide margin. And organic results are much more effective at driving traffic than paid placement – by a wide margin. So RankTank weights results according to industry experts' blended consensus as to the value of their position. Run your keywords, slogans, buzzwords and messages through RankTank and see how you really perform.

Public Domain Application

RankTank is a public domain application  so it’s free to use. We respect your privacy  too, and won’t use your information for any purpose that’s not required for logged in users to access the functionality of this application.